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czekoladowo z HostelsClubA long, long time ago, in a land far away called Hostelsclub, lived a King who was adored and loved by all his subjects. He was a good King and his subjects had been treated with respect and dignity.

In return of his kindness, his subjects told how great he was and how wonderful was to be a part of his Kingdom.

Fame of the good King spread quickly. Every day his fame became greater and greater.  People overcame thousands of miles to see his Kingdom, to learn and know more about him. They arrived from Poland, Hungary, India, Brazil and Africa. The more people were coming, the more powerful he was and his glory increased.

The King had a liking – chocolate.  Bakers knowing his preferences, every day prepared something special. They created beautiful things made of chocolate which were brought as gifts. The King appreciated subjects’ efforts and rewarded their chocolate masterpieces.

One day, someone whispered into the King’s ear that they brought him chocolate because they knew they would be rewarded.

After hearing it he became very angry. The furious King ordered his knights to destroy the entire chocolate. The knights were entering into each pastry shop and damaged everything what they met on their roads. The wind of threat blew through the Kingdom.

The King did not cease in his wrath. It was not enough to damage all chocolate stocks. He also ordered to kill his chocolate makers.  Sad times had fallen in the Hostelsclub Kingdom.

The King was reported that chocolate was making secretly. The monarch announced that if they confessed and told him where were the secret places and who are the people, he would forgive them and they would be able to return to the Kingdom.

Those days chaos was set in, brother turned brother and fear paralyzed all.

While the King was becoming more powerful and richer thanks to all the visitors who came to the Kingdom, he never stopped loving chocolate. His passion of chocolate remained the same. He could not tell their subjects how much he missed chocolate and violated the law.

Citizens did not want to forget about their chocolate which was so loved and brought a lot of happiness. They suffered a lot. The lack of joy was enormous.

cookieOne day, a pastry chef came up with the idea and sank the small pieces of chocolate in the cookie dough. In that way the smart subject wanted to hide the marvelous taste of chocolate and leave it unrecognizable to his King.

A breathtaking moment appeared when the King was holding the cookie in his hand and looking at it. All audience waited nervously for the King’s reaction.  The doubtful King was turning it over and over and observing from all sides. Finally, he put the cookie in his mouth.  And… after a while…

The king smiled and asked his chocolate makers to prepare the new delicacy.

Big joy exploded in the Kingdom!

What is the moral of fairy tale? Make and taste cookies!

Alicia Silverstone said:  “My favorite thing in the world is a box of fine European chocolates which is, for sure, better than sex.”

Choose your Chocolate European Destiny!

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